Friday, October 19, 2012

Dave's Birthday and Recipe

Yesterday, my favorite guy turned 28!   Yesterday's post was sappy and told you how good he is to me and how much I adore him (all true).  Today I will just tell y'all about our fun evening out and share a recipe!

As I said yesterday, I snuck over to his house at 5 am and out a balloon, card and sweet treats in his car for his day at school.  Yesterday evening, Dave came over and I gave him his real birthday gift, a Keurig and some K-cups. (He will be the coolest cat in studio with his own personal coffee maker)

The birthday boy wanted to go out for wings for his birthday (Who am I dating??? I would have selected Walkers or Parlor Market or Bravo's -- this kid chooses wings??)  Actually, I had intended to take him out for steaks. Buffello Wild Wings started as a joke.  We tried to get BWW when watching the Auburn game a few weeks ago and it was a 90 minute wait, so we met our friends elsewhere instead.  Dave was dissapointed and I said, dont worry you can pick wings for your birthday dinner! (BWW is on the other side of town so thats why we never go, I'm not a mean gf that won't ever go ha, its just a 20+ minute drive in a direction we rarely go!)

And so that's how we ended up at BWW. And he loves wings so it was perfect. We invited his bff, Cole and Cole's wife Whitney to join us.  I had planned on making him a fancy cake and even looked up pinterest recipes but he requested Better Than Sex cake...which is basic and from a box but he loves it.  I did add a twist though...The topping is usually Butterfinger, I put reeses cups. (oh yeah, I'm so original.... :) !!)

 My Sweet Birthday Boy

Cole, Whitney, Dave, Me

With his "Better than Sex" Cake


1 Box of Devils Food Cake
1 container of Cool Whip (8 ounces)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 bottle of caramel syrup
a whole bunch of whatever candy you choose to use: heath bar, snickers, butterfinger, reeses, etc

1. Cook cake, poke holes in the top of the cake
2. mix caramel syrup and condensed milk and cover cake (note: more is better because it seeps into cake, I don't think I poured enough)
3. spread cool whip
4. place chopped up pieces of candy on top
5. Store in the fridge!

Despite being a box cake with whip cream topping, the cake is quite tasty. Never underestimate the deliciousness of 4 layers of unhealthiness!  My one complain is that the cake is cooked in a 9x13 pan so it doesn't present well.  Good thing, the birthday boy didn't care.

We then ended the night by curling up and watching Scandal (season 1) on netflix.  We recently found this show and its amazing. Go check it out.

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