Thursday, October 18, 2012

*So Blessed*

Although I am by no means secretive about my relationship, I try not to go on and on about Dave every post because I find that with relationships and children, people are usually happy for you but don't want to hear about it nonstop. A little is good, a lot is, well, annoying.

But, bear with me today because it's Dave's 28th  birthday so I must talk a bit about how great he is.

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR DAVE.  I truly think that significant other's and children's birthdays are almost more fun than your own...if you think about it, because Dave was born 28 years ago, my life is so much better. So, I love his birthday and the blessing he is in my life and others' lives !!

Dave is seriously one of the most gracious people I know.  He doesn't judge too easilly.  He understands and he is willing to lend a helping hand if someone needs help moving or building a shed, etc. He is one of those "manly man" type of guys, not super emotional (thank goodness, I have dated the overly emotional types before, and well, quite frankly, I want to be the one who gets to be girly and emotional!) - which is why seeing him be tender and sweet with his niece is so touching.  Likewise, when he is so concerned about caring for me, It means the world to me because I know thats not a side of him that everyone gets.

He is one of the hardest workers I know, fiercely loyal, and extremely passionate about what he believes and likes.  He is good to me, taking time  to do  the things I want, like working til midnight last night because he took a couple hours off to go the relationship series at church with me. :)

Most of all, Dave brings out better in me.  I'm such a girl, I gossip way too much, and I don't think I knew that til I dated Dave and now I catch myself all the time and am trying to do it less.  I'm more gracious and learning to be more flexible (I like plans and schedules!)  I'm less black and white and more open minded.  I appreciate things that I never did before.  Although we are a lot alike in many of the important ways -- strong belief system, importance placed on faith and family, we are also a lot different.  I see now why opposites attract, because it causes them to sharpen eachother.  Dave is definitely sharpening me.

And most importantly, Dave is just so fun. We have fun together.  My friend Chris told me that he's never seen me this happy...and its true, and I think most of that comes down to the fact that I am dating my best friend.  It's pretty easy to be happy (despite fights and tough times) when you genuinely have fun with the other person...because lets face it, life is rarely kisses and long heart talks, etc.  Its mostly running errrands and cooking dinner and going to the movies.  I can go to the grocery store with Dave and feel like we had a great date.  Having fun is key in a relationship, and Dave is fun!!

Anyways, I am lucky to be the girl he chose to be with.  Praying that his 28th year is the best yet!! (It includes graduation so thats for sure a big plus!) I've planned a fun day for him that I will tell yall about tomorrow, starting with a balloon, note and happy snuck into his car this morning (I knew where his spare key was kept!) 

SIDENOTE: Yankees, a "happy" is a southern term for a small gift....example: mom would go on vacation and bring us a "happy" home.  You might drop off some Christmas cookies by your neighbor's house...or a "happy".  You're welcome for your southern lesson.


  1. Love this! I think that finding someone who makes us better people is exactly what we should all be looking for! Happy birthday to Dave!


  2. Happy Birthday, Big Dave! I am glad you are part of my life!

  3. Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with you "going on" about your relationship on your own blog. :)