Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hotty Toddy: a saturday in the grove

I think I took too much on blogwise.  I still have to finish my Contentment in Singleness series, start telling yall cheap date ideas (or cheap girls nights!!), stupid stuff people say to singles series, and finish up this month's series on stuff every "20something single gal should have"   Whew, thats a lot, are you still with me??  The good news is I won't run out of blog topics for a few weeks :)

But, first, let me finish telling you about this weekend.  I introduced my fav guy to one of my fav places.  Dave had been to Oxford before, but never tailgated in the grove.   So, I showed him the grove saturday.  Sadly, it was rainy and cold and we lost :( (the worst type of loss, the last few minutes of the game loss)  I hope to take him back on a different weekend, but it probably won't be until next season.  Despite the rain, we had fun.  I hope he got to see some of the reasons I like the grove and Ole Miss so much :)

Pictures from the tailgate.   You can tell that it started raining by my runny makeup and wet wavy hair :(  But we started out pretty cute :)  Despite the cold weather, I wore a dress (with tights and boots). 

SIDENOTE: For those of you who don't know, the grove is famous for "dressing up for gamedays"  Dresses, jewelry, etc.  It has gotten more relaxed since I was a child.  And now that jeans are less casual -- skinny jeans, fancy shirts, black jeans, boots, etc are allowed later in the season.  I'm not 21 and trying to impress anyone so although I'll never wear a tshirt to the game, I do wear black pants and jeans and I almost never wear heels (although this weekend I did!)  I love the dressing up, but I do like that the dresscode has relaxed some for those cold weather days. (and of course, there are those who dress down and don't get caught up in the traditions and they are always welcome in Oxford as well!! One of my good friends at Ole Miss was from a different state and never bought into dressing up and he fit right it)

My cute gameday date and me

My handsome brother (senior at Ole Miss)

My two favorite men - Jack and Dave

After we got rained on!

These are our neighbors and my "other family"

Last year, Jack met this dude (who dresses up as Col. Reb).  Of course Jack doesn't remember so we reintroduced them.  Jack wasn't so sure....

In Oxford, we have the walk of Champions (kindof like Tiger Walk at Auburn) where the players walk through the grove and you cheer for them and give them high fives and the band plays....  The very end of the Walk is called "Whiskey Ally"  Its technicaly not in the grove but is the walkway by buildings between the grove and the stadium.  Its a lot easier to get a place there because you can just show up a few minutes before the walk as opposed to 30+ minutes on the Walk.  Dad and took Dave to Whiskey Ally.

the grove
Col Reb (sadly, he is not our official mascot but he lives on!)

I had a couple other cute pics but they won't upload properly ;(  All in all, it was a fun, exhausting weekend.  Reunion, game, then a busy sunday catching up.  I kindof want to stay at home this weekend but I will be back in Oxford cheering for my very down Auburn Tigers.  Have to stick by them in tough times!!

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  1. Love this! Seriously on my bucket list. We've got to make it happen!