Monday, October 15, 2012

#13-15: You should have serving pieces, a full sized bed, and a few of the items on your registry

#13: Every Single 20something gal needsa few attractive serving pieces. 

I learned this lesson as wedding/baby shower season started.  I would make lovely dishes then have to transfer them to a married friend's dishes when I arrived.  Why? Because she had registered for lovely pottery and serving pieces and I had not done that yet.  I soon realized I would have to buy a few serving pieces.

To be honest, this is something I am still working on.  But I do think nothing screams "college kid" like showing up to a shower, family holiday, etc with a tasty treat on a paper plate.  Some events call for grownup pieces.  And, although I am not married, I still am a grownup.

I only have a couple nice serving pieces.... I am still working on this area.  I borrow my moms and friends pieces a lot, but if I don't get married in the next couple years, I hope I have splurged and purchased a few platters and bowls. I love to be a hostess and actually, I am pretty good at it (I attribute half of that to my southern roots and half to genetics, my mom is quite the hostess!) So, its imporant to present well. 

  • Check store when they have sales
  • sometimes you can find "Christmas" pieces that aren't really christmas-y on sale after christmas.  I once bought china (not serving pieces but I should have bought the matching platters!) that was Christmas leafs (aka gold leafs so totally acceptable yearround)
  • outlets (pottery barn, williams sanoma, china outlets)
  • Or, just save up and splurge on a nice platter at a pottery store...truth is, you can make do with just a few pieces so why not invest in quality.
  • BUY a fairly neutral color so you can use it at all types of events and parties.  Sure fun red platters is fun for a fiesta or frilly girly stuff is fun for a wedding shower, but get basics now and invest in the fun stuff later.

#14: Every Single 20something should invest in a full size bed....or monnogrammed towels..or a larger TV...or a mixer.

Actually, this is optional... but my point is, don't abstain from buying a grownup bed because you have no one to share it with yet.  Then it becomes a nightly reminder that you don't have a spouse.  You're an adult.  You have an adult sized body. Sure you could sleep in a twin bed forever, but there is no harm in have a full/queen to yourself.

Insert this rule for whatever piece of furniture, etc you refuse to buy yourself until you are married.  IE, will you not invest in a nice tv because that one from college with the vhs attached still works?  You'll buy a tv when you get married and yall buy a place? Quit being silly. Get a nice TV now...or a larger bed...

#15: Every Single 20something should have a few of the items she thought she would get when she gets married.

I want monnogramed towels - not the kind I had in college that said "KATY" but the ones that say my proper monnogram (kBc), but I have waited -- because what if I get married and get some as gifts or what if I have to replace all my towels because they are monnogramed? Silly, I know, you are probably thinking BUY SOME D*MN TOWELS :) and I should!!  I also know friends who are waiting to buy a mixer or nicer pots...but they are waiting, because what will they register for when they get married if   Certainly don't buy these things if you don't need them, but if you cook a lot and it doesn't look like marriage is happening in the next year, go ahead and buy a mixer!! Its silly to think you have to wait!

(NOTE: I think this "I'll wait til I register" excuse is mostly a southern thing"  - but it just reiterates the concept some people believe - life only starts when you get married...(a) not true and (b) if my life doesn't start til then, then I will quit being responsible for wedding and baby showers! Afterall, my life hasn't started so I am at home with my cats watching Friends reruns!!)


  1. LOL! Right?
    life is so short...wait for nothing!

  2. Well said! The dishes/serving pieces thing has been a soapbox of mine for the past few years, and I am so happy to hear your voice of reason on the matter! As sensible as your position is, it seems like there are a good many folks who might not appreciate a pretty table, pre marriage or whatever...

    Between you and me (hah!), I actually bought all of the serving pieces that I wanted in my (second) china pattern before getting married..though I am still aspiring to getting into tablescaping.... Maybe you will show us your pretty table one of these days?!!!