Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Things every 20 something single gal needs (#1 and #2)

I am linking up to this blog to do 31 days on a topic (Yes, I know, I am a little LATE since Oct 1 was yesterday).  My topic of choice: 31 things every 20something gal needs.  Just some things I have picked up on during my 8 years (gross) in this decade.

1. Every 20something gal should have these BASIC clothing items in her closet:

  • a flattering pair of jeans
  • a perfect suit for interviews
  • a cocktail dress that makes you look dynamite
  • the perfect date outfit 
  • a good work/church dress
  • nice work pants/nice pencil skirt
Have all the accessories ready for your perfect interview suit, date outfit and cocktail dress.  Be prepared with a date outfit for a last minute date invite or girls night out.  I have learned this the hard way before! 

There are a few other "non-collegy" items girls need when they move to this young adult stage of life, but these essentials are a good base for weddings, showers, interviews, work presentations, dates, etc. so START with these and then start adding other classic pieces and a few fun pieces.  Splurge on the classics and spend less money on the trends.

(There are some essential accessories but I will discuss these later, and these are more flexible)

2.  Every 20something single gal needs a church home.

When you first move to town, look around and find a good home. But nothing keeps you from establishing a solid Christian community and makes you feel less like a grownup than church-hopping.  Yes, you still have the freedom to go bible studies at different churches, but find a church home, get involved, contribute, make friends (single, married, young, old). Just because you aren't married and don't have a family doesn't mean you aren't able to be a contributing member of a church body.


  1. Nice post. Let's get started...
    Mine is 31 Days in Jakarta. Hope you like it. It tells you all about the daily life an Australia Expat family faces in a strange city in Asia.

  2. Add to the list: a nice pocketbook, nice sunglasses, and a pashmina (any color) cause it WILL be needed...

  3. haha I will add some of those items, I'm only on day 3, a lot to cover still!

    Here in the deep south, we still do use our fine china some...holidays, dinner parties (fancy ones), sunday dinners sometimes. But a good everyday set is essential.

    However, I think you only NEED a basica set of everyday dishes. The other is for people who plan on using it!

  4. haha oops, I answered your comments for day 1 and 2 all at once... but no worries I am doing an essential accessories post too.