Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Update...

Weekends are simultaneously more busy and less busy this fall.  It's hard to explain. I spend less time travelling for football but that leads to more commitments at home. I have never watched so little football in my life, but I have had weddings, parties, obligations, long runs, etc.  I usually get one football game in a weekend, maybe 2.  This weekend I saw bits and pieces of several games and that was it.  I hope this trend doesn't last forever, but for now, its here is a glimpse at a busy weekend.

Friday I was lazy. Dave and I cooked in and talked to my roomies and watched tv...then I went to bed early because friday morning I had to get up at 5 am for the longest run of my life.

 I made Crescent Pizza Rolls for dinner with carrott sticks (not heathy, but Dave liked them and I had to carb up for my long run)  Plus I used the low fat crescent rolls and 2 percent cheese so they weren't horrible for you, just not great.  NOTE: if you buy turkey pepporoni, it would be even better for you.

1 can refrigerated crescent rolls
20-40 slices pepperoni
4 pieces of mozzarella string cheese, cut in half
garlic powder
pizza sauce

Preheat oven to 375.  Spread the crescents out in triangles on the greased cookie sheet. Sprinkle with garlic powder then place pepporoni and half a stick of mozz cheese in the middle and roll up.  Bake for 12-15 minutes.  Serve with pizza sauce (or I served with marinara/pasta sauce) 

SIDENOTE: who knows the difference between pizza sauce and marinara sauce? I thought they were the same thing until I saw separate jars at the store last week.

Saturday I ran 22 miles...or actually maybe 21.5 (I'll explain my uncertainty with my distance in a moment...) It was the longest run I have ever done and I survived....even after falling and skinning my knee a bit and my hand a lot on mile 2 (Yes, I am a clutz, but to my credit, it was dark when we started and I could not see, I should invest in one of those running headlamps but then when it gets bright 30 min later, I have to lug it around the rest of the run!! So for now Im just risking injury...sure that seems practical!)

SECOND SIDENOTE: is there anything more painful than skinning your hand? It hurts like H E double hockey sticks!! And our palms seem to have thick skin, so maybe it just hurts so much because we use our hands so we keep touching it and causing it to sting again?? sorry, a very ADD filled monday (but really if you have the answers to my question, fill me in!)

I have discussed before how I dislike when people brag online about their workouts. This mainly refers to facebook updates about how you did X excerises and ran x miles on a daily basis, usually accompanied by a second fb post about how you ate eggwhites and a protein shake and spinach or something crazy like that.  So, maybe I break my own rule when I post that I ran 22 miles, but I don't find it annoying when people tell me about races,etc, just their daily reminders that they are in fact better than everyone else because they got up at 430 to work out and eat negative calories, etc.  PLUS, I just explained that I am a klutz so the fact that I made it 22 miles is no small miracle. I am hoping I can also make it 26 miles in November! :) However, if you are annoyed that I posted about my workout and quit reading my blog, I won't be mad.  I understand!!

Anyways, the reason I am uncertain about my exact milage (somewhere between 21 and 22) is because I took a wrong turn (on a loop, yes I know, my directional sense is stellar too)  I couldn't see the person in front of me anymore because of a turn and I kept going a mile out of the ways. By the time I realized and turned around, I cut my route short.  Based on my math skills (which I think are more stellar than my ability to run without falling or getting lost), I ran somewhere between 21 and 22 miles.  I think closer to 22, but who knows?

I celebrated my mini accomplishment Saturday Night by eating steaks with some of Dave's cousins who live in town (and his grandmother) and  meeting a childhood friend and her husband for drinks (in town from Florida).  But, first, I spent time Saturday afternoon spoiling my favorite boy (Jack, not Dave).  Marley and I planned on taking Jack to a huge park (you know, one of those parks that looks like a castle or something...) but it started raining, so instead of doing something healthy, I bought everyone ice cream at Sal & Mookies.

Here is Jack eating his....

I do like tying my memory into ice cream and other goodies.  I think it helps insure that he thinks I'm a fun aunt :)  So maybe we are all spoiling him a bit, but I am sure Marley will pay me back by spoiling my kiddos one day.

Third Sidenote: I do spoil Jack with food and gifts and plan to keep doing that, but I don't let him get away with misbehaving. It's important to reinforce what my sister is teaching him.  I digress...

Sundaywe focused on Missions in church. Our Missions conference is in late February (I think) so this was a half year update.  I then spent the afternoon working and cooking ahead for the week.  So expect more recipes to come...  Dave came over for dinner, but quickly had to go back to the studio because he has a group master plan due today.  Bless his heart, he was up all night and stopped by my house after picking up coffee this morning as I was leaving for work.  I am not envious at all, I usually hated group projects. Too many cooks do indeed spoil the broth, or the master plan.

However, the most exciting part of my weekend is that I am learning to coupon.  I bought groceries for the next two weeks (minus all the produce I need because you cant buy that much at once, it goes bad!) and saved 25 dollars.  Its not as much as other people, but I just started researching coupons this week. I was quite proud of myself! Such a domestic goddess! :)

Anyways, I rarely do one of these weekend updates, but I had nothing planned for today and wanted to share my exciting news of couponing and running.  If you made it to this point of my post, congrats!  I promise more FUN posts to come, including a "cheap date" post.

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  1. Katy, how in the world do you keep motivated to run? Especially those long distances. I'm training for a 10K right now and I plan on training for a half marathon in May, but I get bored really easily while running. Any helpful hints? (I know you don't want this to be some kind of exercise blog, but who knows when we'll actually get to interact again outside of the blogosphere.)