Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's talk about my JOYS

SIDENOTE: This goes along with my previous post on contentment in singleness: thankfulness.  I did not realize the relation until this post was done, but if you want to read my first post, click here.

I saw this quote on pinterest and loved it.  And it caused me to think, I want to share some of the JOYS of my life.  I hope I do a good job of sharing both, but sometimse, in my effort to provide an honest forum on singleness, maybe I overlook some of the benifits.

Every coin has two sides and there are many benifits to singleness.  Sure, I still would give it up in a heartbeat for the right man and right marriage, BUT in the meantime, I am soaking up all the single life has to offer.

Some of my JOYS.....

I have amazing friends. I had great college friends (and still do) but then I made my adult friends who are the type of friendships you hope for in college and many people have in college....but a lot of my friends in other cities have struggled to find adult friendships like I have been blessed with.  I love these friendships so much that when I have considered moving, this has been a driving force in keeping me there.

I love not having kids.  This is a catch 22 because I also hate not having kids.  But I love that my friday night can be whatever I want it to be-- drinks, hearing a band, late movie or laundry and netflix.  I love seeing adult movies (and by adult, I don't mean porn, I mean non-children's movies) when I go to the movies and not having to hire a babysitter.  So even though I want children, I have those moments (usually when my heart goes out to a mom with a crying baby in the store) where I think, "Its not so bad not to be there yet"

I know I complain sometimes about how so many people expect singles to make all the effort and singles to give so much (because it assumes I have no commitments!)  Despite my complaining, I am glad I have had the opportunity to teach childrens sunday school, help with showers and parties, teach a small group for youth group.  I sometimes overcommit, but I am glad I had opportunities to serve.

I am glad I finished my education and had no reason to stop.  I am glad I travelled the world--15 countries and counting!  I am glad I gave guys a chance.

I'm enjoying being in love.  Not to say my married friends aren't in love or that I won't be in love when I'm married, but there is something exciting about new love -- and at 27/28, I have been better able to appreciate how special it is to find someone you click with.  When people say enjoy this phase, I miss it  or Im jealous of this stage, I can actually understand what they are saying.  :)  This phase will pass too quickly.

I find joy in using my experiances to encourage others and reach out.

And I find JOY in the small things -- a cup of coffee and convo with a good friend, porch wine nights with the roomies and others, finding the perfect date outfit when shopping, watching a cheesy chick flick and thinking, "hmm maybe thats what my story will be like!", reading a good christian book, prayer, margaritas, a new pair of boots, tailgating, loving on my nephew.

I love hosting parties. I love date nights and kisses and sitting next to Dave in church.  I love being able to sing hymns without a kid climbing on me. I love rejoicing with my friends over dates and "i love you's" and even just a good conversation with a sweet guy at a party.  I know how important these aspects are and I am glad I can help celebrate.

I love seeing Dave but being able to go home and do my own stuff if needed. I love our sunday routine of early church, lunch, then the afternnon to do whatever I want or need to before meeting back up for dinner and a movie.

One day, I'd love the added blessing (and sometimes stress) of marriage and babies, but my life now is full of a lot of JOY too.  I would be doing y'all a diservice if I did not tell you.  Life, each and every stage, has lots of good moments and I am thankful for them.

I think people do singles a disservice by ignoring their pain, but I also think sometimes people do us a disservice by trivializing our blessings -- lets rejoice in promotions, raises, first dates, good trips, happy weekends.  And singles, do a better job of realizing and celebrating your own joys.  It would be a shame to miss out on the good things in our lives!!

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  1. I love this, Katy! And I needed the reminder today of the joys in this chapter. :) Thanks!