Friday, September 7, 2012

SUYL: Grownup Birthday Party Ideas!!

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner to share some birthday party ideas for adults (Show Us Your Life Fridays!). At our age, there aren't games, clowns and favors- and most birthdays are dinners out with friends....but occasionally we throw a fun birthday party!!

The trick to a good adult birthday party is a theme, preferably one where everyone can dress up and you. An make matching snacks. Otherwise it's just dinner or drinks with friends which isn't bad, just nothing special.

My tips:
-pick a theme and add a few touches from that theme thought the party!
- add costumes but Make the theme easy so everyone will dress up (IE, 80s, mustache, fiesta, orange for auburn, etc)
- email invites- but make them fun! (paperless post is a step above evite)
- provide one drink option
-alternate who is in charge for the party. The same person should not host everyone's birthdays!

Celebrating birthdays is a great way to love on your friends, particularly your single pals. And you don't even have to throw a party to celebrate! If you don't take her to lunch or bring her a cupcake, who will? It's nice to feel important on your birthday so show your friends how much you love them!

Here are some of our parties...... (sorry I don't have many pictures of decorations)

1. A Mustache Party!!!! (you could bring your own or there were some there to put on - buy them at your local party store!!!)

2. My National Championship Birthday! (sweet friends threw this party for me because my birthday was the week after AUBURN won the NC.  Everyone wore orange (or blue!)

3. a WIG birthday party!! (we all put on wigs and went our for dinner and drinks, so fun!)

*** Wehave also thrown a shark week birthday party (everyone wore blue or gray and TONS of cute decorations!!), an 80s party, numerous wine nights, a cinco de mayo birthday party, etc. BE creative and have fun! Just because we are older doesn't mean we can't act a little crazy :)


  1. Warr Eagle! We needed a little more orange and blue on Kelly's hog-crazy blog! haha! My links are #42 and #43 if you want to check out mine.

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