Monday, September 10, 2012


I love Sundays. I used to not really like them (despite being the Lords day). I taught Sunday school and worked with the youth group on Sunday nights. Then I was dating an out of town boy so I was driving every weekend or spending it with him (before he left and I headed to youth group). On top of my busyness, I also had to tell Dave goodbye for the week.

Now, Dave lives here. And my youth group small group girls have graduated and gone to college. And although I am sure I will one day help with youth group or children's ministry again, it's nice to have my Sundays back.

This Sunday, Dave and I went to early church then fixed an early lunch and talked to my roomies. He went to the studio to work and I enjoyed our pseudo fall weather with a walk and talk with a dear friend. I also cleaned my room, went to the grocery store, cooked dinner, read a magazine, moved a piece of furniture and did laundry. I felt so productive and so relaxed!!

I think I understand why the Lord commands us to rest on the Sabbath-- to take time to enjoy solitude or family time, enjoy his day, cook a good meal ... I know some people would disagree with folding laundry or cooking a meal, but I think that what he intends us to do is rest- not be overly social, overly committed, and overly stressed. Folding laundry while watching tv and cooking a yummy meal was relaxing to me. Starting the week off having leisurely tidied up made me feel less stressed.

I now love Sundays. I love enjoying church and not overcommitting. I love ending the weekend with Dave on Sunday evenings. I love Sunday naps and movies and reading. I love leisurely fall walks and cooking a yummy meal. I even hope to start doing more of my chores ahead of time so I can just have a quick tidy up Sunday.

When saying goodbye on Sundays, Dave and I used to whine about how Sunday evenings were our least favorite time of the week-- but now these afternoon/evenings are some of my favorite!!

And I even burned a fall candle.... :)

What's your favorite way to relax on Sunday afternoon or evening???

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  1. I love that Sundays no longer mean you saying goodbye for the week! Yay for no more long distance. :)