Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sweet Wedding

This weekend, my friend Sarah married my friend Asa.  Such a sweet couple and a lovely wedding.  I am sad to see Sarah move to Memphis but know they have a lovely life ahead.   I've mentioned Sarah several times before.  She is my sweet friend who was happily dating or engaged (and now married) for the past 2 1/2 years, yet has been praying for her single friends to meet the right men/women.  Since she started praying last year, everyone's dating life has picked up.  I don't think this is a coincidence since sometimes God uses our prayers to accomplish His will (read this article HERE, and be encouraged to pray for yourself or others in ALL areas of life!!) BUT, I digress.....Sarah is a sweet girl and it was so fun to celebrate with her!

Another fun fact about Sarah and Asa -- they were the first of my friends to meet my sweet guy (you know its always nerve wrecking to introduce someone you are dating to your friends)  I wanted Sarah to meet him because after I had several recent short dating relationships, she had been actively praying for me to meet a nice guy to date longer than a couple months :)  And Asa was a great guy to give me a male's perspective.

The wedding was precious.  Her dad is a preacher in the PCA and he did part of the officiating.  The bride wore her mother's gown (redone) and both she and Asa looked so happy!  Afterwards, there was a reception with desserts and dancing!  Including an ice cream bar.... yum.  It was at this cool venue in an old school auditorium which has been redone. Several of my friends and I ran to Babalu next door and had a drink before heading to the reception.

Here are some pictures the reception.... (I just started instagram so tolerate my "artsy" photos with different tints!)

Mr. and Mrs.

Sweet Friends

The Bride and Me

My sweet date

Take 2

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