Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I am reading Wednesday

(1) This girl slipped off her purity ring and is no longer waiting for a husband. I like her viewpoint....

(2) Waiting patiently when the Story Goes Dark.  Oh, how I can relate.  I am sure you can relate too.  I love what the author says:

The point is, God often takes us through the darkness. He does this so that we might learn to trust him with all our hearts, and lean not on our own understanding. God wants us to know that he is our shepherd. He leads us beside still waters, and he leads us through the valley of death. He wants us to learn to trust him in both places. Often God lets our circumstances get so extreme that our only hope is God himself.
When our story gets dark we must look to the Author of our story. The story may seem bleak, but we can be absolutely sure that the Author is good.

(3) This article on my beloved grove, literally the BEST tailgating in the nation. I love that  articles (thank you notes from visiting schools) tend to be written often to my two alma maters...People for Ole Miss and Auburn show others a good time and tend to treat them well!

The Grove is 10 acres of nothing but trees and tents as far as the eye can see. It's zero-lot line tailgating and it's the close proximity that gives it a synergistic spirit of community unrivaled by any other. Imagine the parking lot at Texas with the most happening tailgating scene and magnify it by 10 or 20. That's The Grove.

And you'd think with all those people packed in there that there'd be a propensity for conflicts to arise, especially with several opposing fans practically stumbling over one another and copious amounts of booze at every turn. But everyone is free as can be to move about as they please, courtesy is an unbroken code, and the more that squeeze in, the merrier it seems to get. After a few hours, you can hardly tell where one tailgate ends and the next begins. The result is a homogeneous sea of endless cocktail parties and I don't think anyone ever met a stranger in The Grove. At least I know I didn't.

Lest we be remiss with getting too deep into the logistics and forget to mention the pageantry of it all, and that starts with the ladies of course. When they say the women are so good looking at Ole Miss that they can redshirt Miss America there, they're not wishful thinking. And it's not just that they're good looking, it's the effort and lengths they go to stick out in a cauldron of eye candy. Think social Darwinism, the All-Stars edition. Between the painted on dresses, high heels, and hair to match, just about every female mingling about is dressed like they're late for their best friend's wedding. Ensembles that would seem completely impractical and out of place at just about any other football venue in the country are basically their dress code. Their male counterparts don't go to quite those lengths, but it's definitely business casual for many and it's not uncommon to see a dapper dandy clad in a dinner jacket and a bow tie.

(4) True Love Does More than Just Wait.  So many of these articles recently. I am assuming people are realizing that the ways they were teaching abstinence were incorrect.

(5) Wait, God wants us to have fun sometimes?

(6) Another article on waiting......  this time discussing what we are really waiting for. I have talked before about how waiting gives you an eternal perspective and this article discusses that (in a much more eloquent way of course!) Thanks to Nikki for sharing it.
What about y'all? Any articles you have enjoyed recently?? Please share!!

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  1. Love the last article and how we may have to wait on God, but God also waits on us. So true!