Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1000 things: 176-185 (edited)

Today I am thankful for:

176: Wonderful Roomies -- This was last night at our going away party for Constance (Mary Marg, Constance, Me, Claire)  Lucky to live with sweet girls.

177. I am thankful for a successful going away party! (It was hard to throw together quickly with one roomie moving in and another moving out but we did it and it turned out to be cute! You may recognize decorations from the Bachelorette Fiesta, I was recycling!)

178. Thankful for our new roomie, Mary Catherine.  God provided another sweet girl to move in, we didn't even have to look for her!

179.  Thankful for a fun weekend in the country with Dave's family.  I have dated boys from awful family situations before that caused issues for them or even us! So I am glad that Dave's parents and siblings are kind loving people!

180. Grateful that the Hurricane did not do as much damage as some feared. Please keep praying for MS and LA as these states recover.

181. Grateful for football season! (despite our opening loss)

182. I am thankful for my aunt and uncle who are sharing their home in Starkville this weekend (as well as two tickets!) with Dave and me so that we can attend the MSU- Auburn game.

183. I am thankful for Mums....these are certainly not the most beautiful flowers, but they represent my favorite time of year! I love when I see them at the grocery store, it signifies football, fall, pumpkins, holidays, sweater weather and cider are all nearby!

184. I am thankful Dave's school is so near my home.. He has to study a lot and spend many hours in the studio. It helps that he can stop by for dinner (or yesterday, lunch!)  I don't mind making him supper if it means dinner time with me can be his study break.

185. I am thankful my sister has taken her comps. She is so close to having her masters degree, I know its a good feeling to see your hard work almost done! (EDIT: Apparently marley has 2 more comps to take - they are taken in stages so this will be moved to a thankful thought on a further date!!)


185 (edited): I am thankful for breakfast for dinner.  Admit it, this little treat makes you happy too!!

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  1. While I appreciate my place on your list, I believe the correct phrase should be "taken and probably failed one of her remaining three comps."