Monday, September 17, 2012

1000 gifts: 186-200

Today I am thankful for...

186. football season being just football season, nothing eternal or so important that it determines who I am
187.  a cool saturday morning run (when you have been running in MS 100+ degree weather, mid 70s was glorious!)
188. having family live close enough by that we can go shopping and to brunch on saturday.
189. 5 happy years of marriage for my sister.
190. my brother in law
191. pumpkin flavored foods
192. successfully painting my own finger nails this wkd (seriously this was an accomplishment for me!)
193. edamame (I am craving that for dinner....)
194. new seasons of tv starting!
195. clean clothes
196. my friend Nikki (who is moving tomorrow)
197. the preaching I am blessed to hear each week at Highlands Pres.
198. knowing that I am not going out of town for the next 2 wkds!
199. my new shirt -- perfect lose white blouse to wear with scarfs and skinny jeans!
200. cooking blogs and pinterest recipes

1 comment:

  1. Loving the pumpkin flavored food! I found some pumpkin spice cereal---SO good! :)