Tuesday, July 10, 2012

136-150: Thankfulness

Continuing to count my blessings!

136. frozen meals (gross huh?, but so conveniant for the single person when you don't want to cook!)
137. knowing so many stable couples around me.  I am blessed to have friends who have been married for years and family members who have been married years. I am also blessed to know those who waited and God blessed them.  Its so easy to see the bad things about our culture like divorce, so I am glad to see some people living loving marriages.
138. My friend Paige is coming to town next weekend! She and I have been through ups and downs together so I always cherish our time together!
139. Freshly painted nails.
140.  having the house to myself
141. Sunday movies and cuddling
142. e-cards
143. a weekend with nothing planned (it used to make me so happy to see a full calendar now my heart literally leaps when I have an empty moment)
144. movies at the theater
145. cooler weather for running/biking - thank you rain!

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