Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recovery Weekend

Ever have one of those weeks where you could do nothing right? where it felt like it was you v. the world?
That's me, this week...It seems everyone wanted to fight with me....and although, I won't deny that I had a part in these disagreements, it seemed everywhere I turned was another person irritated...This is part of why I haven't posted a lot, because well, I had nothing too encouraging to say....

and I stubbed my toe and lost part of my toe nail (don't worry, no pics!)

But, I have calmed down somewhat... I am looking forward to some space --  a weekend of dealing with no one.  I might see friends on friday night but I hope that saturday is running, cleaning, movies, and sleeping.  Sometimes you need a people break, and honestly, they might need a break from me too.

So here is how I plan to recover from this week:

1. I am making one exception of my "need space" rule to see this cutie tonight.... Mid week, sometimes one or the other of us will  make the drive and spend the night in the other person's towns (separate bedrooms folks, don't worry.... ) If I ever needed a hug and some lazy time watching tv, its tonight! Oh and did I mention that we will both be in the same city in a month, but who's counting??? (me! I am!)

2.  I also got lunchtime kisses from this little boy ...

Jack is a great little kisser but you have to share your food. 

OK so for the recovery plan that does not include boys, here goes....

3. 15-16 mile run --- actually, I am NOT looking forward to a long run in July MS heat, BUT I feel I will get some aggression out and burn some y'all all know my favorite part of the run is eating what I want for the rest of the day  :)


5. WINE ...or skinny girl margs...

6. TV


8. organizing

9. no plans.  really, someone hold me to this. 

10. getting some artwork framed....i've had artwork in my room for months without framing. I must get it done this wkd!

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