Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7-25 Midweek Confessions

Linking up with E, Myself and I for Midweek Confessions

- I'm still obsessed with what I get to eat after running.  This week I am going to my roomate's cabin at the Neshoba County Fair (one of the nation's only remaining political fairs complete with speakers, bands, races, pagents, a fair, people staying in cabins and LOTS of eating and drinking) and I'm not going to lie, I am almost *EXCITED* to run 17 miles saturday morning before heading to the fair for the weekend, that's like 1800 calories to eat FAIR FOOD, drink cocktails, and eat snack food in the cabin....YES, I RUN PARTLY BECAUSE I LIKE TO EAT,

- I am addicted to Awkward on MTV (the only MTV show I watch since I am well, 28)

- My biggest pet peeve right now is people who just don't say Yes or No...I know they are avoiding giving me answers I don't want, but I don't care. I just want the answer so I can move on. I literally want to hit people for avoiding an answer.

- I kindof want nails with a design on them.  But my manicurist doesn't do that because its tacky-- and well, she's right, but a very hidden tacky side of me is craving a little blinged out design or flower on my thumb.

- I have a frozen meal for lunch, but I don't like it (its one of those leftover you keep around for emergencies) so I may go buy subway OR atleast a better frozen meal at the Piggly Wiggly.

- Yes, I live in a portion of the country that has a grocery store named the Piggly Wiggly.

- We are under 40 days til football.  This may not excited y'all as much as it excites me but I'm pretty dang excited AND we have the Olympics to distract us until then. I certainly haven't written both AU and OM's schedules  next to eachother on a post it note and highlighted the most important games that I'd like to attend....certainly not.

- The hem on my dress is out but I was running so late for work that when I noticed it, I didn't change and just decided to rock the frazzled edge look.

Also, a couple pics from a fun weekend which included two of my favs meeting (one of my best buds Paige and my BF Dave), dinners at Babalus and Table 100, lunch at Keifers, running, laying around and watching TV and drinks at Fenians and Juleps....then a day recovering with Dave by watching netflix and helping my dad move furniture (ok second part wasn't relaxing ha)

Some of my favorite ladies at fennians....

 My fav. guy and me at fennians...

Also I never showed these pics from a couple weeks ago when my friend Chris came to town.  He and I went to Auburn together but got to be good friends when I was at Ole Miss and he lived 45 min away. Our other friend Chris lives in town so every now and then, the three of us get to hang out.  We went to a rock concert at Magoos, had dinner with a bunch of friends at Soulshine Pizza and saw Spider Man.  It was a fun weekend! Also, Dave and Chris got to finally meet which was great!

Chris, me and Chris (friend from Auburn) -- a Chris sandwich!!

Dave and me (I should get major gf points for going to these rock shows, although I've been to a few so I now actually recognize some of the music!!)

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  1. I run almost totally because I like to eat! :)

    I've got it on my bucket list to go to an SEC football game.....maybe we can turn this into a meet up at either OM or Auburn!