Monday, July 9, 2012


Well, as you all know, I tend to keep my dating life fairly secretive on this blog.  I often date and don't update y'all and a couple times I have updated y'all but not used names. Most recently, I have actually dated someone and referred to him yet not identified him.....Ha, I am not HIDING anything, per se... I just try to keep my dating life fairly private -- for my sake and for the other party's sake.

But BF gave me the go ahead on revealing his identity. It's been over 6 mths so I felt it was time.
Introducing my sweet guy, Dave. So, you'll probably continue to hear me make mention of him from time to time - except I will use his name now....and actually post pics that include him.  However, as in the past, I will continue not to reveal EVERYTHING about our relationship.... you don't want to hear about every sweet thing he does (gag) and I am not a believer in publically discussing any issues we have... (also gag) But, now I will be a little more willing to share SOME things... starting with his name and a few pics.

My one cheesy moment: He's pretty stinkin' adorable isn't he?? :)

Family Beach trip

 Dallas Cowboys Stadium

 Ashley's Wedding

Charity Ball

 at the camp



  1. LOVE all the pictures! You guys are adorable!


  2. cute pictures, girl! cute guy, too. i try not to reveal too much about my dating life, either. mainly so i don't jinx myself. lol.

    also, thanks for the comment on my blog today! i am definitely going to the grocery store right after work to pick up some of the heating pad patches, they definitely work wonders.

    p.s. i'm following you now. i'm always looking for other non-married girl's blogs to read :)
    happy wednesday!

  3. Thanks Jessica! I look forward to reading your blog some more too!

    and, yes part of why I did not reveal too much at first about any relationship was not to jinx myself...but then it became about privacy, I signed on for a blog, Dave did not...

    ha but he said that I could actually identify him so I did. Cats out of the bag :) feel better!